Please grab some love in a mug, curl up on the sofa, and have a relaxing read.

I will admit, I don’t have a central theme for my blog yet. The closest theme I can think of at this time is: LIFE.

Homeschool life. Christian life. Hard of hearing life. Japan life. Messy life. But it’s all woven together to make a beautiful tapestry. It doesn’t always seem beautiful. It usually doesn’t. It seems chaotic most times. But, I know God can see it all in progress, and I keep hoping that He finds it beautiful.

A quick rundown:

*I’ve been hard of hearing my entire life. But everyone in my family is hearing. It makes for some comical conversation in my house. I wear two hearing aids and usually don’t sign. (But I probably should.)

*I THINK we’ve moved 14 times. But really, I think after about the tenth move, it just doesn’t matter anymore. Every subsequent move just means more boxes to pack and unpack. More chances for my husband and I to strangle each other within the walls of another storage unit without anyone knowing.  But seriously, I am still waiting for the tape gun with my name engraved on it that my husband promised me sometime around move number four.

*We’ve been homeschooling for 12 years. It’s lovely! We sing, dance, laugh, and twirl in a beautiful meadow out back. The sun is glorious, the birds are always singing, and little mice help me do housework as I sit and read classic literature to my angelic children. Oh, wait! That is how I *thought* homeschool would be. Ok, minus the mice. The reality is different. I never quite get a firm grip on it. The kids have the audacity to keep growing and changing! So homeschool feels more like I’m walking through a dark, creepy tunnel. With a tiny flashlight in one hand, and my free hand feeling along the wall as I slowly find the way. That is my homeschool reality.

*We’ve been living in Japan for three years now. By choice. I confess: I didn’t want to come. But, after having been here, I know I will be sad to go and I will miss the culture and the people.

*We are Christians. Broken, Christ-loving, Christians. My husband is Catholic. And I am….. something. I can only say that I am Christian at this time. Maybe I’ll find a church again soon. We all love the Lord. Just each in our own way.

So that is us.  I hope you’ll follow along. And introduce yourself too!



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